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Born and raised in Montana, dogs have been a part of my life since I was 3, when my first dog, lily was welcomed into the family. Surrounded and loved by dogs my whole life, I easily took interest in a career in dog training, and made the decision to pursue it with passion. Since I started, I have found a new love for animals and a growing passion for training and communicating with them. I have taken classes from Karen Pryor Academy and am enrolled in courses to obtain the next level of my professional certification in early 2023. I believe in non-adversity training methods the importance of personalized training for you and your furry companions.

My Tools and Techniques

Utilizing a non-adversity, non correction process, I am able to create a safe, welcoming, enjoyable, and productive training environment for your dog. Using positive reinforcement only, a marker signal (clicker) and the shaping process, I am able to create behaviors from scratch, as well as fine tune previously learned behaviors. Using these same techniques I am also able to prevent, dissolve, and replace previous or future nuisance behaviors. I very much realize the importance of personalized training within an owner and dog relationship. Because of this, I will meet you where you are, and create a completely personalized training trajectory specific to you and your animal's lifestyle and relationship. After meeting the animal, sitting down with you, and discussing what developments you are looking for, I will begin with the necessary basics and work from there. I am a big believer that my clients should understand how and why my techniques work, so I keep dog owners in the loop, writing summaries of my session's content and keeping you updated on your dogs progress.

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